Gotham West Market

In New York City, New York, United States


There are days you want to eat something, and others where you want to eat everything. On the latter, you'd be well-advised to head to Gotham West Market. The multi-vendor gastro wonderland is an indecisive eater's dream. Unlike similar concepts like Chelsea Market, Gotham West has only eight carefully-chosen vendors, each of which occupies a small slice of the sleek space. Sit at Cannibal's counter and take down a pig's head cuban sandwich at Cannibal, or slurp a bowl of Ivan's savory rye noodles.  Stop by Genuine Roadside for a burger and a side of '70s nostalgia, or wash down tapas with Rioja at chef Seamus Mullen's tapas bar. Sure, it's avenues away from a subway, but with a Blue Bottle and a bike store on premise, Gotham West's many diversions can easily consume an entire afternoon. Or, have you consuming for an entire afternoon. Both are strong options.

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Name: Loinel

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